Why it’s great to be a Man Suggest By Las Vegas Escort Agency

Men Are Likely to Take Up High Ranking Positions

Generally, men tend to become large companies’ CEOs and high-ranking politicians. This is manifested by the fact that most senators and parliamentarians in most countries are men. The difference in the number of men and women in high-ranking positions has always existed across cultures. That’s because males tend to dominate females even in animal species.

Most Men Earn More

Although this may not be true for men in the modern society, men still make more money than women in their lifespan. This can be attributed to differences in parental investment in some societies and sexual selection.

Men Have a Less-Restrictive Dress Code

The society expects women to dress more nicely than men. For instance, men can take off their shirts in public. A man can take off his shirt when playing basketball, at the beach, or even when cutting grass. Basically, a man can take off his shirt anywhere except online.

Grooming Takes Minutes for Men

When a woman goes to her room to get ready, the least she can take is 20 minutes. However, a man can just get up and go. A man can brush his hair with bare hands. That’s because most men keep their hair short. And even men with long hair don’t usually reach for a brush or comb. They simply rake hands through the hair to straighten it.

Just like with anything else in nature, being a man or a woman comes with trade-offs. Just that the society has never taken time to understand how the trade-offs work. But, when you view humans through the history of life and normal behaviors, you will notice why it’s great to be a man. And this list is not exhaustive.

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